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01 Kenrokuen Garden and Circumference of Kanazawa Castle Park
02 Around Korinbo, Kata-machi, and Naga-machi
03 Around Kanazawa Station, Musashigatsuji, and Owari-cho
04 Around Higashiyama and Utatsuyama
05 Around No-machi, Tera-machi, Nodayama, and Kodatsuno
06 Kanazawa Suburbs
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Tourist Spot
04. Around Higashiyama and Utatsuyama
Higashi Chaya District Kanazawa Yasue Gold-Leaf Museum
National Important Cultural Asset SHIMA Asanogawa River
Kaikaro Utatsuyama Temple Area "Spiritual Road"
Higashi Chaya Kyukeikan Rest House Utatsuyama Park
  [ Kaikaro ]
Kaikaro photo
Kaikaro photo
Kaikaro photo

Kaikaro is a refurbished chaya house originally existed more than 180 years ago. The interior of the house includes vermilion-lacquered stairs, vegetable-dyed tatami (mats made of woven straw), fusuma-e (paintings on sliding-door panels) created by a contemporary artist, and a Japanese tearoom with tatami made of gold-laced woven straw, all of which have reproduced the atmosphere of the chaya house in those days with a contemporary feeling. Kaikaro offers a tea service around a sunken hearth, has a souvenir shop, and occasionally holds a guestroom experience time with geisha's attendance.

    Open : 9 am to 5 pm - Closed : Open 365 days a year  
    Admission fee : Adult: 700 yen; schoolchild, junior high school student, and high school student: 500 yen * An extra charge is required for the tea service.
    Address : 1-14-8 Higashiyama  
    Contact : Tel. 253-0591, fax. 253-0591  
    Web : http://www.kaikaro.jp/  
Around Higashiyama and Utatsuyama photo
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