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Tourist Spot
06. Kanazawa Suburbs
Kanazawa Citizen's Art Center Hakuichi Hakuko-kan
Yuwaku Hot Spring Kanaiwa and Ono Areas
Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center    
  [ Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center ]
Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center photo
Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center photo

Drive up for five minutes from the hot spring inns in Yuwaku to reach the Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center. This center is located in woods and consists of old private houses moved into the woods, where full-scale creative activities of woodblock printing, dyeing, weaving are performed, and finished products are exhibited as well. Moreover, the center is fully equipped with training facilities and accommodations that can be used at a low rate. You can enjoy a variety of exchanges through creative activities in the center surrounded by nature.

    Open : 9 am to 5 pm (Each studio) Exchange training house: 9 am to 9 pm - Closed : Tuesday (Next day if Tuesday falls on a holiday) and Dec. 29 to Jan. 3  
    Admission fee : Free  
    Lodgment : 5 rooms (4 Japanese-style rooms and 1 western-style room) for a total of 24 guests
    Address : E-36 Kitabukuro-machi
    Contact : Tel. 235-1116; fax. 235-1070  
    Web : http://www.sousaku-mori.gr.jp/  
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